Storm’s new Arashi Cover Pop – Big Mouth, Big Action

Popper’s are one genre of baits that don’t really get the kudos that they deserve.

These seemingly simple, chugging, blooping, walking, spitting, rattling baitfish imitators have caught fish for decades.

The trick for any new bait in this category is how to differentiate itself from the long list available to anglers in a way that will get you to try them.

The new Storm Arashi Cover Pop took on this challenge with specific performance characteristics in mind for their final production design.

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Taking a walk with Storm’s Arashi Top Walker

IMG_2765One of the most productive styles of topwater lures is the good ol’ stick bait.

These baits have caught so many fish for so many anglers for so long, it’s hard to imagine any bass fisherman without at least a couple of these in their tackle box.

You probably have your favorites, like we do, but there is always room for more players.

The Storm Arashi Top Walker 11 is the new kid that we’ve been putting to the test recently.

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Storm’s Arashi Rattling Wake-Crank, Wakin’ Up Big Bass

IMG_2728When the air temperatures in this neck of the woods starting climbing into triple digits we go out with one thing in mind, top-water bass.

However, there are times when bass are just a little shy about hitting the surface. There are niche baits designed specifically for this situation. Yup, we’re talking about wake baits.

Today we’re going to look at the Storm Arashi Rattling Wake-Crank to see how this new addition to the Arashi family performs. [Read more…]