The Spro BBZ-1 Rat 25 – Mighty Mouse?

This time of year we are usually testing a bunch of new topwater offerings that debuted at ICAST.

This year has been no different and we have discovered that there are several gems.


Today we are looking at something that is truly special and has been putting fish in the boat since the first trip.

We’ve now thrown this plug on every subsequent trip and have never failed to catch fish with it. It’s a fish magnet, plain and simple. [Read more…]

The Spro BBZ-1 Rat 50, The Alpha Rodent

IMG_2751Our site is about fish—the pursuit of fish and the appreciation of fish. We take pictures of fish, videos of fish, and write about fish.

Today, we are talking about rats. Specifically, the Spro BBZ-1 Rat.

Winner of “Best New Hardbait” at ICAST 2014 and designed by Bill Siemantel, Spro pro-staffer, lure designer and famed big bass hunter; this bait brings together all his experience in one fish catching package.

We have been using rats—well, rat imitations—on the west coast for a number of years. Unfortunately they have been, up to this point, expensive, hand crafted, and difficult to find.

The BBZ-1 Rat 50 has broken the rules for a lure like this. It retails for a very reasonable $30 with two additional sizes that debuted at ICAST 2015 that will be less than the 50 size.

For the time being, we’re going to focus on the 50 and take a look at the spec’s for this bait. [Read more…]

ICAST 2013: Baits You May Not See

So we’ve talked a bit about all the new baits, rods, reels, lines and terminal tackle that you’ll be seeing soon on your favorite tackle store’s shelves. But there are a few items that got our attention at ICAST this year that you probably won’t see anywhere including some from names that you already are familiar with.

Let’s start with a couple that we got wind of last year that were still in the development stage and are now going into production. The problem with these first two is that while they are being released, they aren’t going to be available in the U.S. market. [Read more…]

ICAST 2013 Crankbaits

ICAST 2013 has now come and gone and we haven’t had much time to just sit down and sort through all the information that we got while we were there. This year we thought that, as opposed to giving you a laundry list of new offerings, we would instead focus on those products that caught our attention more than any others as well as showing you some new baits that are available, just not in our market!

[Read more…]

Spro McStick


Yes it’s still jerkbait weather around here and we have been fishing the new Spro Mcstick 95 every time we have gone. This bait is 3.75 inches long and weighs just 3/8 of an ounce. It is designed to suspend in the 3 – 5 foot range allowing the angler to target some of those shallow or suspended bass.

I realize that getting out on the water when weather conditions are less than optimal has its own challenges, but there is one advantage you aren’t fighting for space on the water! This is enough incentive for us to get out and get to it!

[Read more…]

ICAST 2011: Spro

Spro is introducing a new down-sized deep diver named the Little John Baby DD. This bait has a smaller profile than the original DD and is designed to get down into the 10 – 12 foot range. The Baby DD weighs about 5/8 oz, uses the same soft tungsten weight transfer system, has the same slow float as its siblings and a very similar hunting action. It will come in the same patterns as its larger cousin and should be as effective as the original DD.  [Read more…]

Spro Phat Fly Review

In keeping with the season here at MVF, our next review is on the Spro Phat Fly. This little doll hair fig is designed to be fished under a bobber and will sit dead horizontal in the water column. [Read more…]

Spro Aruku Shad Review

Click Here To Buy The Aruku Shad

Most of us old bass hounds have used and continue to use some type of lipless crank bait. Today’s long term product review is on just such a lure, the Spro Aruku Shad Jr(aff). I have now used this bait for the past two seasons and have been more than happy with it’s performance. [Read more…]