The New Rapala Skitter V 10-The Best Rapala Topwater Plug Yet?

img_3089We’ve been fishing another new topwater bait literally since the day that we got it in the mail. It’s kinda fun to come home, find a new bait waiting for you on your doorstep and take it out that night with absolutely no expectations of any kind in terms of performance. Just tie it on, let it fly and see what happens.


Such was the case for us with the new Rapala Skitter V 10. We received the Bone Chartreuse color which doesn’t really mimic anything that swims in our local waters, but color is more a secondary consideration for topwater baits.

The real issue is the action, sound and the presentation that the lure is capable of once in the water.  Profile, especially in low-light conditions, is more important than color.

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Rapala’s Pro Series Tungsten Fly Jig is One Hot Little Bug

IMG_2812Over the course of the last several months, we’ve had the opportunity to target trout along with panfish.

We want to show you one more multi-species lure before we leave this genre; the Rapala Pro Series Tungsten Fly Jig. This is another jig that was introduced for use under the ice but it has so many more applications that we still haven’t exhausted all of its capabilities.

You might think that a fly is just a fly. Well, not really. The Fly Jig has produced trout, crappie, bluegill, sunfish and bass for us. Perhaps the secret lies in its simplicity. While it looks like any other well tied fly, the action, sink rate, castability and components separate it from the pack.

We obtained the 1/16 in two colors, Glow Chartreuse and Metallic Rainbow. The Glow Chartreuse is fantastic in stained or off color water while the Metallic Rainbow is a clear water killer.

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Rapala’s Pro Series Ice Jig Wax Tail, More than Meets the Eye


As most of you know, fishing for trout in lakes is not unlike targeting other species in terms of identifying what depth they are most active in.

There are several ways to do this without the use of any equipment with one of those being using a lure as a search bait that is capable of controlled depth fishing.

We’ve been testing some of the new line of Ice Jigs from Rapala. Today we’re going to focus on the Pro Series Tungsten Wax Tail in 1/16.

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Rapala’s Pro-Series Nymph Ice Jig is Smokin’ Hot

IMG_2805With the cold weather months here, we like to supplement our bass fishing by breaking out the ultra-light gear for the purpose of catching some assorted panfish. Trout, crappie, bluegill along with other panfish are a blast to cast miniatures to.


Our friends at Rapala sent us a sampling of their new line of ice jigs so we figured why not? Let’s see how our local panfish react to them.

Rapala know fishing in the snow and below the ice. They have through the years been at the forefront of innovation for everything from tools and clothing, to baits designed for use under the ice. With a resume like that, who wouldn’t put their new products to the test.

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The Rapala Shadow Rap, can it live up to the hype?

IMG_2670I don’t know what y’all have been doing with this cold weather but I know what we’ve been doing, fishin!

As is typical for the early part of the year, jerkbaits have been one of those genre’s of baits that have seen a lot of action the last couple of months.

The new Rapala Shadow Rap has been one in particular that we have focused on. [Read more…]

On the water with the Rapala DT-6

Today let’s take a look at the Rapala DT-6. Specifically, a DT-6 in one of the Ike’s Ink Patterns. You have probably heard that this is one of the main baits that Randy Howell used to win the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

The version that he was using was Ike’s Demon. For our testing we used Ike’s Penguin. You’ll notice in the photos that the underbelly has an orange tint to it. We use this because there are so many pumpkinseed in our local waters that it makes sense to have a little bit of that color in our baits to, “match the hatch”. [Read more…]

ICAST 2011: Rapala

Rapala is expanding their colors this year, particularly the craw colors. They have launched the molting craw colors in several of their popular cranks as well as a new size in the Clackin’ Crank series. The new 55 square bill crank will give you that one knocker sound in a shallow running, square bill crankbait. This lure should excel in off colored water as well as spring time when the bass can be keying on smaller baitfish.  [Read more…]