The Jackall Firecracker High Impact Buzzbait – Compact Thunder

It’s often said, “Summertime is buzzbait time!” Yes, summertime can be a great time to throw a buzzer but don’t limit yourself to the dog days.


We’ve been using the Jackall Firecracker High Impact Buzzbait for a several months now and have caught fish with it from spring to fall. We still haven’t put it away because it’s still generating strikes.

The Firecracker has some interesting design features that give it a unique sound that seems to either goad bass into biting by irritating them or by drawing them in from a distance. Whatever the motivation is for hitting this bait, the result is the same—heart racing, explosive strikes. [Read more…]

Jackals’s Jaco 58, A flat Sided Contender

img_3098Fall is a great time to fish shallow with a number of baits including crankbaits. The trick is to select one that not only mimics the size of the bait but also runs at the depth that you are looking to target.


Over the past several years, flat sided baits have become more popular as they tend to put off more flash as well as a different vibration than a standard, rounded body bait will.

This seems to more closely resemble the frantic nature of baitfish in certain circumstances.

One of the baits that we always have tied on for this situation is the Jackall Jaco 58. This little bait has caught fish for us from So-Cal to Georgia, largemouth to spots, and some species that weren’t even on our minds at the time.

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The Jackall SK-Pop Grande, Small but Loaded for Bass

IMG_2490The topwater bite is really starting to heat up in this neck of the woods so we always have several styles of baits ready to go. One of those is a popper.

Like any genre of lures, having different sizes, colors and actions is the key to maximizing the amount of bites you get. Obviously, it helps to have the ability to present the fish with an alternative when they get shy or turn off on a specific plug.

One of our go to poppers is the Jackall SK-Pop Grande. It has caught a ton of fish for us over the last few seasons.

The SK-Pop is on the smallish side in spite of its name weighing in at 5/16 and measuring only 2.6 inches in length. However, this little bait packs a lot of features into the diminutive frame.

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Gear up with the Jackall Giron

IMG_3000We all know that fishing in the spring can be like shootin’ ducks in a barrel. Reeling them in one ofter another happens but so do those days where they just go stone cold on you.


One of the baits that is often overlooked for use during this pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn time frame is one of our favorites, a hard bodied swimbait, the Jackall Giron.

So now you’re thinking we’re just a little touched by the sun for not sticking to soft plastics but give us a chance to give you our two cents for why the Giron is always rigged and ready for our spring fishing.

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Jackall’s new Pompadour Jr. can it compete with its sibling?

IMG_2773In the tackle industry, it’s not uncommon to see lure manufacturers either upsize or downsize a popular bait.

The question is always the same. Will the new size be as effective as the original?

We’ve fished the original Jackall Pompadour for over a year now with excellent results. So when the Pompadour Jr. was introduced, naturally we just couldn’t wait to get it on the water to see if it could fill the considerable shoes of it’s larger sibling.

As is our habit when making these kinds of comparisons, the first order of business is to see what if any modifications have been made to accommodate the difference in size.

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Jackall’s Jockie 120 Top Water Minnow, the forgotten bait

IMG_2484There are times when we all get in a hurry. We lose our focus and default to those baits that have become a staple in our arsenal or to a new comer that we can’t wait to try.

We have confidence in them so we will continue to throw them until our arms begin to ache from fatigue. It seems as though we must reach this point before we begin to think of alternatives.

Then in a moment of lucidity or desperation, we reach for a bait that we haven’t spent much time with, know little about its action or effectiveness and decide that we’re going to spend our remaining time on the water to test this one plug in the hopes of discovering a bait whose action is different enough to open the seemingly locked jaws of the bass that have ignored our offerings all day. [Read more…]

The Jackall Pompadour, Style and Substance

IMG_2722Any discussion of new topwater baits has to include those that have taken not just a small step away from proven older designs but those manufacturers who have completely re-imagined a lure in such a way that it ushers in a new standard for an accepted genre of lures.

Such is the case with the Jackall Pompadour which debuted last year at ICAST.

The Pompadour is a 3 inch bait that weighs 3/4 of an ounce. It is a surface bait that uses two metal wings as opposed to a lip to make contact with the water causing it to behave somewhere between the old Crazy Crawler and a buzz bait.

This bait has a list of features that is impressive to say the least. We’re gonna have to go one at a time down the list so that we don’t miss anything ‘cause every design element is an integral part of making this bait so unique. [Read more…]

The Jackall Binksy, not your daddy’s popper

IMG_2718We’re still on our top-water kick as the weather is still ideal for that type of fishing. Yeah, when it’s hot, muggy and downright miserable during the day, we spend most of our fishing time either in the wee hours of the morning or the cooler hours of the evening.

When you focus on those low-light periods it helps to have a bait that can make a ruckus.

The Jackall Binksy is one of those baits that has a ton of built in features, can be fished multiple ways, is fun to use, is quality from stem to stern and flat our catches fish. [Read more…]

Fish Big and Shallow with the Jackall Kawashi Mikey 140

jackall-kawashi-mikey-140One of the trends that we’ve chronicled over the last few years in new fishing equipment introductions is that while rods and reels have been on a steady path to become smaller and lighter, hard bodied lures are becoming larger and heavier.

The Jackall Kawashi Mikey 140 has been around for a couple of years now and could be considered one of those baits that was a catalyst in the early days of this trend. [Read more…]

Fishing low and slow with the Jackall Spade T.G. Jig

IMG_2421So you’re looking for a jig with a little something different that the bass haven’t seen?

On top of that, you want something that can be used for more than one technique because the waters that you fish have varied structural elements that require more than one approach?

The Jackall Spade T.G. Jig could be the answer for some of these nagging issues. What makes this jig more versatile than many of its competitors?

Let’s run down a quick list of features that Jackall built into the Spade T.G. [Read more…]