Daiwa’s new Cronos Rods A Cut Above

img_1321One of the pieces of equipment that has seen an explosion of R&D over the last several decades is the rod. Yeah, I’m old enough to remember when you picked up a couple of rods that you threw every bait you had with.


Have things changed for the better in that regard? Unequivocally, yes! These days the materials used, the way they are used and how they are used are light years ahead of those old sticks.

Today, there are so many technique specific rods available that it’s almost too much. However, there are still many that are designed to cover a wide range of applications and bait weights. The Cronos rods by Daiwa are one such series.

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Daiwa’s Tatula CT Type-R Hits All the Right Notes

img_1315At ICAST 2013 Daiwa debuted the Tatula and Tatula Type-R casting reels. At that time, they became the workhorse reels in the line up.

They were affordable, durable, cast extremely well for their price point and built on some promising technologies including the T-Wing system (TWS). We have one of the original Type-R’s and it hasn’t skipped a beat over the last three years.


Since then, Daiwa has continued to build on those technologies with many of the reels in their current line of casting reels using the TWS as well as continuing to improve on other newer features.

This year, Daiwa chose the Bassmaster Classic as the venue to introduce their latest Tatula, the CT 100 and CT Type-R 100. The CT is a more compact version of the Tatula that has shed not only weight but girth while maintaining and building on the proven technologies of the original Tatula.

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Daiwa’s Tatula 721MHRB Casting Rod

Tatula RodsSo you’ve been thinking in terms of getting a couple new rods to replace some older ones that are in need of being decommissioned.

One of the newer sticks that you may not have considered is the Daiwa Tatula. Specifically the TAT721MHRB 7’2” MH. This medium heavy rated rod is one that packs a lot of features into an affordable price. [Read more…]

Daiwa Tatula Type-R Casting Reel, Contender or Pretender?

IMG_2584For any of you who are considering adding a new reel to your arsenal and are thinking in terms of trying a product that is designed utilizing, “outside the box” engineering, the Daiwa Tatula 100 Type-R Casting Reel should be on your list of serious contenders. [Read more…]

ICAST 2013 Reels and Rods

When you go to ICAST you will inevitably find yourself looking at rods and reels. This year there are so many new or redesigned products, it would take a month of Sundays to give them all their due so we are again going to focus on those that really caught our attention and give you the reasons why.

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ICAST 2011: Daiwa

For those Daiwa fans out there, you will be happy to know that there are several new products for this year led by the T3 Casting Reel. The T3 uses a Zaion Carbon frame and sideplate which is said to be rival the rigidity and strength of magnesium but doesn’t corrode. The biggest news with this reel is the new level-wind mechanism. Daiwa calls it the T-Wing. This piece of hardware significantly increases the free space that line has to pass through when casting, thereby reducing friction. [Read more…]