Do It Right: Catch and Release Tips That Keep Fish Alive

Rooster Fish Catch and ReleaseWe are catch and release guys. We like fishing, we like catching, we enjoy a good picture or two, and we like letting them go.

Let ’em go, let ’em grow—as they say.

Maybe you’re a catch and release guy too. We hope so (if not, that’s cool too, just be responsible), and we want to give you a few tips to make sure the fish you are releasing live.

There’s nothing worse than putting a fish back and seeing him swim off half-sideways struggling to find gravity’s pull.

With these tips, more of your fish will go on to live productive lives as members of fish society, telling war stories to their grandkids. [Read more…]

The Minimalist Fly Box Challenge

“The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.”

-Bruce Lee

I don’t know if the great Bruce Lee was a fly fisherman, but he certainly captured the essence of the sport in the above quote. Fly fishing is, at it’s core, the essence of “Man Versus Fish.”

It’s you, a rod, a small imitation of an insect, and your wits against the crafty, fresh water version of Moby Dick stalking the shadows of your favorite river. While your white whale may be a type of trout, a bass, or some other monster, the principle is the same—present your fly in the most enticing way possible for that season and that body of water.

Simplicity, obsession, and poetry in motion—but there is an insidious force that can easily creep in. [Read more…]

How To Catch More Fish, In Less Time, With Less Effort Today

Two things to get us started.

First, this is a long post, 1,022 words to be exact, but it will be worth it.

Second, I absolutely realize that the headline makes it sound like some crazy, infomercial snake oil designed to help you part with some of your hard earned cash—but it isn’t.

I am not talking about some magical bait or attractant, or some crazy new technique making the rounds on the professional tournaments. I am talking about a simple, time tested principle.

Pareto’s Principle, to be exact. [Read more…]

Saturday Fun: Fly Fishing Meme

I hope everyone has had a great week, and has a big weekend planned. Hopefully you are able to get out on the water, and do some fishing.

I was playing around creating a meme the other day, and wanted to share it with you. I’m pretty sure anyone who fly fishes can relate. Nonetheless, don’t get the haters get you down—keep fishing. [Read more…]

3.5 Reasons To Use A Wading Staff

I am way too cool to use a wading staff when I go fly fishing.

I’m young and athletic (for now), and I can sit back and have a chuckle at the “old dudes” trudging through the water with a goofy wading staff.

After a quick laugh to myself I get back to my fishing and ever so nimbly bound from rock to…SPLASH!

Damn it—now I look like an idiot.

I’ve learned a few of these lessons over the years fly fishing, and these days, won’t hit the water without a good staff. Here are 3.5 reasons you should do the same. [Read more…]

When Did You Take Your Child Fishing For The First Time?

Today, my wife and I are celebrating our daughter being 9 months old.

All the stuff people used to tell me about how fast kids grow up is totally true—she crawls like a little monster, is pulling up on any and everything, and is trying to walk. It really does go by way too quickly!

Of course, being a father and a fisherman, I am already planning her first fishing trip. I can’t wait until she’s old enough to get out there with a little rod and reel and catch a few panfish with her daddy! [Read more…]

How To Lie Like A Fisherman

Us fishermen are notorious for our “fish stories.”

It doesn’t matter if you are mainly involved in fly fishing or bass fishing, spinning a good yarn is a skill that comes with time, practice, and imagination.

There is a subtle art to telling a good fish story, and you are about to learn an introduction into that art.

This is Fish Stories 101, and when you are done reading, you will have a few tools that will help you tell a great story to your friends and family. [Read more…]

The Only Fishing Tip That Will Make You A Better Fisherman No Matter What!

This will be a short post.

So short in fact, it could probably be a tweet (follow us on Twitter @ManVersusFish), but I felt a little more space was needed to make sense of it.

You see, there are thousands of great fishing tips out there that work under different conditions. You might need cold weather tips, you may be looking for some fly casting information, or you might be looking for lure combinations to use when the water is stained and the sun is hot.

You will no doubt find some great tips for all of those conditions.

But I only know one simple tip that will work across all conditions, for all species of fish, in all locations… [Read more…]

How To Get Out Of Work And Go Fishing…Without Getting Fired!

Want to go fishing?

Work getting in the way?

Is your bosses idea of fishing grabbing a beer and a lawn chair and chucking trout Powerbait and a bobber in the middle of summer time? [Read more…]

The Dirty Dozen Carp Flies That Work!

The Golden Ghost

Fly fishing for carp can be a killer rush—but, it can also be incredibly frustrating.

This frustration is quickly compounded if you have a wealth of experience fishing for other species, like trout or bass, because the techniques and equipment will be unfamiliar. This is exactly why you need carp flies that work.

Great carp flies will mimic the way carp eat—which can be very different from the way trout or bass feed. Having the right flies on hand is extremely important, as is using the right techniques.

Before we get into the flies, let’s look at how carp feed. [Read more…]