Native Eyeware: All Day Wearability and Clarity

image_177902gray_1_retina.151218172344A lot of people only have one name in mind when it comes to performance eyeware.

You see them wearing the shades, the hat, the shirt—it’s like a uniform for people who want to make sure other people know they fish once in a while.

You know the brand already, don’t you?

If performance is your thing though, you’re open to something new. If you have to be able to peer into the water, endure long fishing days, and get fish to hand, you want something that works.

Enter Native Eyeware. [Read more…]

Chronicle of a “Lifetime Warranty”

IMG_2474I’ve got a question for you. Do you ever wonder if the warranty that came with something that you bought is worth the paper that it’s written on or do you, like we have many times in the past, just replace an item when it goes south without trying to exercise that warranty?

I say this with some conditions. The most important of which is the time elapsed from the original purchase date to when it breaks. If it blows up shortly after I bought it, obviously I’m gonna do what I can to have the company make it right.

But if you have had it for a while, do you figure you got your money’s worth, just let it go and go get another one? I know that I have taken the latter course many times. [Read more…]

Through the Lens of the Vicious Vision Sunglasses

There has been an explosion of new optics in the last few years with entry’s coming from all sources, including but not limited too, companies that have made a name for themselves building other equipment for anglers.

At ICAST 2013 Vicious debuted their Vicious Vision line of sunglasses aimed specifically at the angler. [Read more…]

Amphibia Performance Sunglasses

amphibia-depthcharge-sunglasses-heroFinally, someone decided to make floating sunglasses that don’t suck—and that look stylish enough to be worn more places than just the lake.

Amphibia Sports has done us all a favor.

You’re probably thinking that it will take something pretty darn revolutionary to get you out of your Costa’s and into something else.

I don’t blame you, but keep an open mind and read this whole post before you write it off.

Let’s look at the next generation of performance eye ware. [Read more…]

Costa Del Mar 580 Lens Polarized Sunglasses

If you read my post on how to read a river, then you already know that I believe a good pair of polarized sunglasses to be and essential tool.

Now I am going to let you in on my little secret. I want to tell you about the exact glasses I use, why I use them, and why you need a pair yourself. [Read more…]