The Daiwa Tatula SV TW, the best Tatula yet?

We’ve been fishing the Daiwa Tatula since it was introduced three years ago and have been impressed with them from the beginning. Three years ago, the Tatula series was born with the Tatula 100 and the Tatula 100 Type R. This reel has proven to be a workhorse for us that continues to provide reliable performance no matter what we throw at it.


Last year we obtained the Tatula CT Type R which maintained all the technologies of the original but did so in a more compact and lighter weight package that was a major step forward. As of this writing our CT Type R is smoother than the day it came out of the box.

Daiwa chose the 2017 Bassmaster Classic to release the latest thoroughbred in the Tatula stable – the Tatula SV TW. While the CT was a major step forward, the SV is a quantum leap forward.

The most critical upgrade in the new Tatula is the SV spool. Daiwa brought this spool design down from much more expensive reels to the Tatula series which comes with a retail price just under $200. That price point for this much technology is truly extraordinary.

Serious Technology

The SV spool consists of an A7075 aircraft-grade aluminum and is shallower than on the previous model but doesn’t sacrifice all that much line capacity. It will still hold 14/100 compared to the CT which holds 16/100. In our opinion, still plenty of capacity for 95% of our fishing needs.

The SV spool is equipped with an enhanced induct rotor that utilizes their air brake system. The rotor spring is loaded so that as soon as the spool turns, the rotor extends out into a magnetic raceway without ever touching it. This feathers the spool so efficiently on both ends of the cast that you can throw baits without thumbing the spool and not get a backlash.

This sounds far-fetched but it is absolute fact. Given that you have the spool tension and magnetic braking set properly for a particular bait, you don’t have to use your thumb at all to achieve long, accurate, effortless casts without the risk of a backlash even when your bait hits the water.

If you’re more comfortable with a visual you can go to our YouTube channel where you’ll be able to find our video from ICAST 2017 with Kurt Arakawa of Daiwa as he explains the SV technology.

This technology also allows even beginners to master skipping a bait with a casting reel in short order without the learning curve that is almost always associated with this technique. With the reel set up properly, we were able to hand it to a friend of ours who never could skip a bait without the end result being a huge birds nest and watch as he successfully skipped a jig the first time he tried. Unfortunately, he refused to give it back for about 15 minutes as he was having so much fun using it.

This reel, when set up properly, takes so little concentration during the act of casting that you find you can focus more on placement, presentation, cadence and other aspects or nuances required to actually catch fish.

Gear Ratios

The Tatula SV TW comes in three gear ratios, 6.6:1, 7.3:1 and 8.1:1. Each has a different color highlight on the handle retainer nut, spool tension knob and the magnetic brake dial. We have been fishing the TASV103HSL which is the 7.3:1 model in left-hand retrieve paired to the new Daiwa Tatula Elite AGS Rod. We’ll get in depth with this rod in a different article.

Daiwa keeps the proven Magforce Z Cast Control System, U.T.D. (ultimate tournament drag), T-Wing System, 90 mm swept handle but adds the Zaion Star Drag and 2 CRBB in their seven bearing architecture.

The appearance of the SV has been upgraded with a dark grey finish that has that high-end, expensive look. The thumb bar benefits from this new aesthetic with a chrome finish around a slightly recessed and rubberized strip for sure grip in any weather condition. The fit and finish of our reel is tight with no blemishes and 100% class.

Not only does it look good but its performance meets or beats it looks. This reel casts so easily, in part due to the TWS (T-Wing System) which minimizes the angle that your line is subjected to no matter where your cast begins, and the dynamics of the SV spool.

It is as exceptional at casting light weight baits as it is with medium and heavy lures. This versatility is another feature that sets this reel apart. You can throw anything in your tackle box that your line and rod can handle without worrying whether or not you’re overloading the reel.

Hooked Up

Setting the hook and fighting fish are just as sure as casting. There isn’t any back play in the handle and the drag system is strong without being choppy on the upper reaches. We have yet to feel other than in total control while fighting and landing fish.

Although we haven’t had the reel for a long period of time, if our other Tatula’s are any indication, the SV is going to provide years of hassle free service requiring only the most basic standard servicing to keep it fishing and feeling just the way it does now.

The Tatula SV TW is without a doubt one of the most well rounded casting reels available—especially for under $200. Furthermore it is one of the easiest, most forgiving reels in any price range. These attributes make the Tatula SV TW an impressive value.

The bottom line is this—there isn’t another reel available on the market at the moment, at this price point that can match the Tatula SV TW in performance.

Given how exceptional this reel is, it makes you wonder … How is Daiwa going to improve on this while maintaining its current price?

We have no earthly idea, but are sure anxious to find out!

Daiwa Tatula SV TW
A remarkably well rounded reel

See ya’ on the water …

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