The Line Cutterz Ring, simplicity on your finger

IMG_0181We spend the bulk of our time discussing rods, reels, line, baits of all sorts, terminal tackle etc. But we don’t often talk about accessories. There are plenty out there, some good … some not so hot, some useful … others, not so much.

However, once in a while a product comes along that gives you one of those “aha!” moments based on a lot of factors but usually grounded in simplicity as well as utility. Such is the case for the subject of this review. The Line Cutterz Ring.

One of the fundamentals in fishing is learning to tie good strong knots. In doing so, you inevitably have to cut some line. You can use scissors, nailclippers, pliers or possibly the worst alternative, your teeth.

Obviously all of these have some built in drawbacks. Rust, accessibility, dulling easily, inconvenient to carry, easy to lose or even requiring an emergency trip to your dentist. None of which add to the pleasure of a day on the water.

What the heck is it?

This is where the Line Cutterz Ring makes such perfect sense. It’s a ring with a fully adjustable velcro strap so that it fits any finger you want to put it on or for that matter, can be attached to almost anything you wish to mount it on.

Beyond the strap, the Line Cutterz ring is made of an ABS plastic which houses the German titanium coated stainless steel blades.

The ring is lightweight, doesn’t interfere with casting, retrieving or any other fishing function. Add to that the fact that it can be purchased in a number of colors, if the aesthetics concern you, including a glow in the dark version for those of us who enjoy fishing after the sun goes down and you have a tool that completely and absolutely fulfills its purpose.


There are two blades, one per side, that are not flat but curved so that as you pull the line into the center of the ring, it is actually cutting as opposed to squishing or flattening your line which makes for a quick, easy cut of any line up to 100# braid.


It’s always handy, very difficult to lose and seems to be engineered to make it for the long haul without requiring any replacement of parts, resharpening or other maintenance. The reality is that the ring retails for about $12 so getting another isn’t gonna break the bank.

Another benefit of using the Line Cutterz Ring is that it is virtually impossible to cut yourself with this tool. We have tried to get some tiny piece of ourselves between the crown of the ring that covers the blades and the base but simply cannot find any appendage or digit on our person small enough to get in there.

One question you may have is how much of your tag end is left and does the Ring cut it close enough to your knot? In our opinion, it most certainly does. With no practice, you will have just the right amount of line left so that your knot doesn’t pull out and with very little practice, you can get your cut extremely close to the knot.

The only thing that the Ring won’t do is remove your old knot from the lure. So if you’re constantly retying the same lure due to nicks on your line you will need to have some other tool at the ready to get the previous knot off. I’m gonna show my age here but back in the good ‘ole days, we simply used a hook for that.


If it had some built in tool for this function, it would be, “practically perfect in every way.”

However, it does what it does so well, with such ease and is do downright handy that we can’t realistically hold that against it too much.

The Line Cutterz Ring
An incredibly simple yet effective tool

See ya’ on the water …

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