Daiwa’s Tatula CT Type-R Hits All the Right Notes

img_1315At ICAST 2013 Daiwa debuted the Tatula and Tatula Type-R casting reels. At that time, they became the workhorse reels in the line up.

They were affordable, durable, cast extremely well for their price point and built on some promising technologies including the T-Wing system (TWS). We have one of the original Type-R’s and it hasn’t skipped a beat over the last three years.


Since then, Daiwa has continued to build on those technologies with many of the reels in their current line of casting reels using the TWS as well as continuing to improve on other newer features.

This year, Daiwa chose the Bassmaster Classic as the venue to introduce their latest Tatula, the CT 100 and CT Type-R 100. The CT is a more compact version of the Tatula that has shed not only weight but girth while maintaining and building on the proven technologies of the original Tatula.

Tatula 100 Type-R Versus the CT Type-R

Considering we have the original Tatula 100 Type-R, it just made sense to get the Tatula CT 100 Type-R to make the comparisons that we thought would be the most germane. Both of these reels are the enhanced version of the their respective base models.

Both the original Tatula 100 Type-R and Tatula CT 100 Type-R share the TWS system, Magforce Z Cast Control, A7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Spool, Aluminum Frame, Zaion Star Drag, Drag System, Cut Away 90mm Swept Handle and Soft Touch Handle Knobs.

However, the original is available in two gear ratios, 6.3:1 and 8.1:1 while the CT adds a third option, 6.3:1, 7.3:1, and 8.1:1. You can get either in all the gear ratios offered in right or left hand retrieve.


Both have the same bearing count, (2CR+5BB) +1RB. They also share the same line capacity of 16/100. Now with all these identical features what are the real differences you might be wondering.

The Differences

To begin with, the CT weighs 7.2oz as opposed to 7.6oz for the original. While in out and out weight, this is less than 1/2 oz, it feels as though it’s a lot more than that.

This weight reduction is achieved mainly by decreasing the overall width of the reel which does in turn decreases the width of the spool. However, Daiwa has maintained the line capacity in spite of this adjustment. The other benefit from this is that the CT is easier to palm. It feels completely natural and comfortable in your hand.

Both share the black color but the CT Type-R has more red highlights on the body that are done in a tasteful, well balanced way. Bottom line is that it just looks sportier and cooler than its predecessor.

The braking system has also been upgraded. At the end of the spool assembly, there is a flange that fits inside a raceway when the side plate is on. In the new CT, that flange now is spring loaded so that it extends further inside the track depending on how fast the spool is spinning. The net result of this is that it feathers your cast more efficiently than the original Tatula 100.


We’ve been using this reel for about 7 months now. We’ve used it on every trip we’ve gone on in that period of time to see not only what our initial impressions were but also to see if we would encounter any issues over time.

Just like the original, the CT is very easy to set up for the first time. All you have to do is tie on whatever lure you’re going to use, hit the thumb release bar and adjust the spool tension knob so that you get to the point that the spool stops when the lure hits the ground without thumb pressure.

Then turn up the magnetic brake to somewhere between 10-12, depending on how comfortable you are with casting reels in general, and make that first cast. No, you won’t get maximum distance this way but you also won’t get a backlash. From there just continue to back off the magnetic brake and spool tension knob slowly to increase distance.

While the distance with the Tatula CT is downright impressive, it shares an even more impressive feature with the original. That being that while you can make extremely long casts with this reel, the effort needed to do so is less than other reels. That translates to less angler fatigue over the course of a day or several days in a row of fishing.

We paired the CT with the new Daiwa Cronos CN701MLRB. This stick is a medium light action with a lure weight of 1/4 – 5/8 and a line rating of 8 – 14. We spooled our CT with 10# co-polymer to take advantage of the soft tip to throw lighter lures.

How Well Does it Hold Up?

We really wanted to see how well this reel would handle light baits so we started with unweighted plastics. The CT handled them exceptionally well with no issues. From there we increased the weight of our lures until we got beyond the upper range of the rod we were using. With each different lure, a simple adjustment of the spool tension and magnetic braking dial was done in a flash and we were putting our baits where we wanted them.


We have done this multiple times with this reel. Adjusting the brakes on the fly is a snap when you’re swapping baits so there have been no issues there. Everything we’ve tied on, we’ve gotten excellent distance.

How about a heavier stick for pitching and flipping? Once again, the ease with which you can adjust the braking to suit both the weight of the bait as well as the technique you’re using is hassle free.

The CT Type-R is incredibly smooth. Casting, retrieving, pitching, flipping, it doesn’t matter. This reel is smoother than the original as well as a lot of reels that are higher priced. You still feel connected to your bait but it’s just silky in the way it operates. There’s no mushiness, sloppiness, strange noises or ill fitting parts.

The drag is as efficient as any out there. At full lock down it is more consistent than many, more expensive reels. We’ve caught some very good fish with the CT. Never have we felt other than in complete control over them to the point of allowing the fight to go on longer just to enjoy the sensation of landing them using this reel.

More Than Multipurpose

After having used this reel for every imaginable purpose, the consensus is that we are going to keep it on the medium light Cronos with light line. The reason is simple. This rig handles everything from the lightest lures we throw on a casting reel up to about 3/4oz with such ease that it has become the first reel we reach for in a lot of situations.

The last feature that we want to point out is this new generation Tatula CT, whether the standard model or the Type-R, has a retail price $20 below the original Tatula 100’s. That makes these reels one of the best bargains out there. You simply get more for your money.

If there is anything at all to nit pick, it’s the fact that the spool tension knob does not have an audible micro clicker. That would make this reel practically perfect in every way.

The Tatula CT Type-R is an extremely solid, smooth, dependable, versatile and easy to use casting reel. If you’re in the market for a new reel, we give the CT our highest recommendation!

Daiwa Tatula CT Type-R
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An extremely versatile, smooth reel

See ya’ on the water …


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