21 Signs That You Are Addicted To Fly Fishing

Definitely Addicted

There are two types of people when it comes to fly fishing. First, you have the folks who try it out a few times, maybe even buy a rig, and go occasionally. These are your casual fly fisherman, and let me just say, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But there is something that happens to a few of us where it becomes a little more than just a hobby—it crosses right over into the crazy. If you’ve been wondering if you’ve made the change to this type of fly fisherman, then check yourself against this list. There is no 12 step program or support group for the addicted—the only prescription is more fly fishing!

You Might Be Addicted To Fly Fishing If…

  1. You start collecting bugs…a lot of bugs.
  2. You begin taking feathers you find home because you might use them to tie a few flies.
  3. You start ordering your fish at restaurants in inches (“I’ll have the 32 inch Mahi Mahi please!”).
  4. You take your kids out into the yard and have them stand 12 inches apart so you can “practice casting in between rocks.”
  5. You tore open your goose down pillows because the fly shop was sold out of hackle and you had to tie flies.
  6. Your car or truck always has your rod, reel, waders, boots, and a fly box in it.
  7. You start giving the flies you tie away as gifts (“But Honey, those are earrings!”).
  8. You can quote every single line from A River Runs Through It.
  9. You start making up religious holidays to get yourself out of work and on the river (“Yes, the Festival Of The Salmon Run is a real holiday, boss.”).
  10. You adopt the US Postal Service motto, and fish in every conceivable type of weather.
  11. You start applying for jobs based solely on their proximity to good fishing.
  12. Your lucky fishing hat has more flies on it than a pile of dog poo.
  13. You require your kids to take entomology classes every semester, and you steal their text books.
  14.  Your hands literally start to shake when you’ve gone more than a week between fishing trips.
  15. One of your arms is more suntanned than the other (this is your casting arm).
  16. Your DVR has nothing but fishing shows on it.
  17. You vote for public officials based on who is more “fly fisherman friendly.”
  18. You visit the fly shop more than the barber shop.
  19. You get a trout tattoo.
  20. You are constantly driving by cow pastures that are out of your way just to “see if the cows are up.”
  21. When the subject of family vacation comes up, you are constantly trying to convince everyone how wonderful and family friendly Patagonia and Alaska are.
Well, there it is. Check yourself against these 21 indicators, anything over 5 yes answers, and congrats, you’ve got the bug!
No worries though, if being addicted to fly fishing is wrong…you know the rest!
See ya on the water…

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