The 2014 Bassmaster Classic Expo Wrap

The 2014 Bassmaster Classic is now in the books. We can’t talk about it without saying congratulations to Randy Howell for turning in an amazing if not an inspired performance. However, in attending the Classic, there are so many other components that don’t get air time or much media coverage that we think deserve some attention. Continue reading

The Lip Ripperz Trout Wormz review

I know that a lot of the country has been in a deep freeze for a good part of the winter but out here in So-Cal things are already warming up. For that matter, they never really got cold with the exception of a few frigid nights. That has contributed to a truncated trout season for us with testing of new trout gear suffering as a result. Continue reading

Bassmaster Elite Series Schedule

Now that the Bassmaster Classic is in the history books, it’s time to have a look forward and see where the Elite Series pros will be plying their trade.

While the Elite Series does not offer the full line up of the tournaments put on by B.A.S.S., it is the series of tournaments where the best of the best will put their skills on display. If you want to have an opportunity to see your favorite pros duke it out on some fantastic bodies of water, stop by one of the tournaments below. Continue reading

Randy Howell Wins It All In Record Setting Performance

Randy Howell 200x300Birmingham, Ala- “It was the best day of fishing in my whole life,” a teary-eyed Randy Howell said as he weighed in a big day three bag.

According to the man himself, he cried the entire one and one half hour drive from Lake Guntersville back to Birmingham. Even for those of us covering the event, we new he was having a special day.

But no one knew just how special it would turn out to be. Continue reading


The New Vicious X.A.C.T. Copolymer Line

Typically, at this time of year, we like to start testing new lines in preparation for the new season. Mono is one of those lines that not all anglers, especially these days, put much thought into. Most of us simply spool up with what we’ve used for so many years at least in part because there isn’t much discussion of the advancements that have been made in mono when compared to other lines.

Continue reading


The Minimalist Fly Box Challenge

“The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.”

-Bruce Lee

I don’t know if the great Bruce Lee was a fly fisherman, but he certainly captured the essence of the sport in the above quote. Fly fishing is, at it’s core, the essence of “Man Versus Fish.”

It’s you, a rod, a small imitation of an insect, and your wits against the crafty, fresh water version of Moby Dick stalking the shadows of your favorite river. While your white whale may be a type of trout, a bass, or some other monster, the principle is the same—present your fly in the most enticing way possible for that season and that body of water.

Simplicity, obsession, and poetry in motion—but there is an insidious force that can easily creep in. Continue reading


Mustad Grip-Pin Swim Hook review

One of the things that we always do this time of year is go through our tackle box to see what, in terms of terminal tackle, needs to be replaced or if there are some new goodies out there that will fill a need that we have that we would like to try. Hooks are always a part of this process as they do get lost, dulled or some other calamity befalls them during the season. Continue reading

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